Sorry, there aren’t Mac versions (maybe some time down the road), only windows for now. I’m not going into any detail about these right here, they come with a manual that tells pretty much everything about them. There are 3 effects altogether, and they are free, so grab them!
Make sure to install to your vst folder. I would recommend creating a sub-folder inside that one to place these into, to keep things a bit organized.


If you use a 32bit host, and work at 44.1kHz sample rate, get this installer:

32bit 44.1kHz


If you use a 32bit host, and work at a 96kHz sample rate, get this installer:

32bit 96kHz


If you use a 64bit host, and work at 44.1kHz sample rate, get this one:

64bit 44.1kHz


And lastly, if you use a 64bit host and work at 96kHz, get this one:

64bit 96kHz
Grab the appropriate bit depth installer in 96kHz if you work in 48kHz. If you work in 88kHz, I would say you should probably also get the 96kHz installer.


This one demonstrates the Radio Detuned effect. It’s a mix of some synths, and the whole mix is processed together in one go. First it’s dry, then there’s a quick noise and then it’s being processed. After every additional noise, the effect settings change to different positions giving a different effect.

This one uses Radio Crush, with a drum mix. 4 different elements are processed separately, including kick/bass drums, snare, hats (open and closed), and a perc sound almost like cowbells. First you hear dry, then a noise and it’s wet. The settings for the Radio Crush FX being used on each of the 4 elements changes occasionally to give different results.

This one shows off the Radio Wobble effect. The drums are never processed, only the synth. Synth is dry until you hear noise. Wobble is a more simple effect and just a basic tone type of tool, but the true intention for it was to have a built-in LFO which wasn’t possible by the contest deadline. So for this demo, I’ve used the LFO in Reaper to modulate the ‘tone’ control. A few different LFO types, depths, and speed combinations are used.

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